An Introduction

Introductions aren’t really my forte, so let’s keep this brief so we can get to the good stuff.

The whole point (no pun intended) of this blog is to show that a) travel is really an attainable goal for people, b) you don’t need to be rolling in the dough to do it, and c) credit card sign-up bonuses can be a major way to help fund travel.

Hello, it’s me at the the Asian Art Museum

My interest in this way of travel began about a year ago, after Nick and I planned a trip to San Francisco. Between flights and hotels, we spent over $1,500. Coupled with food and all the fun things we did, it became a major expense. That was one of my most favorite vacations, but I kept thinking we could have done it for less money and had an equally amazing time. Through some heavy research, some amazing people on reddit, and Nick’s patience, we’ve been able to accomplish some pretty great things.

With that being said, I’m starting this blog in the hopes that someone, somewhere can get something out of this and take the week-long vacation (or weekend getaway!) they’ve been meaning to without breaking the bank.

So sit back and enjoy, it’s going to be quite a ride!


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