The Life-Changing Magic of Recurring Payments

If Marie Kondo can have The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I can have The Life-Changing Magic of Recurring Payments. Wait, what?

We use our credit cards every day for, well, every day purchases. But what about those things that only come around once a month or once and a while? Those things are really helpful to building a larger points balance, getting you closer to your goal.

Recurring payments are a great way to meet the minimum spend on new credit cards (getting you closer to that bonus) and an easy way to mindlessly accrue points.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 7.32.56 PM.png

Let’s use for an example my Amtrak Guest Rewards World card. This card allows me to go home to visit my family a few times a year (Hi Mom!). Generally, it costs about 2,500 Amtrak points for an advanced purchase (read:  purchased 3+ months out) one way ticket between New York and Boston. And let’s be totally honest, Amtrak is an awesome (and generally inexpensive) way to get between the two cities. I have all my recurring payments set up on this card, which looks something like:

Recurring Payments Amount
Cable Bill ~$115
Gym Membership $50
Charitable Donation $20
Spotify $10

Without breaking a sweat, I’m earning about 200 points a month in purchases I was going to make anyway, so it makes sense to consolidate them onto one card. And in the first three months, I’ve spent $600 of the $1,000 needed to get the 20,000 bonus points.

While this might not seem like a ton of points per month, it basically nets me half of a free trip home every year! And that, my friends, is the Life-Changing Magic of Recurring Payments.


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