3 Months into 2016 – What’d We Earn?

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I like things organized. Like, really, really organized. Like Leslie Knope organized.

Bonus:  I, too, can be found jamming’ on my planner.

So it would probably not surprise you to learn that I meticulously track how many points Nick and I earn. It’s one of those things that lets me quantify how we’re doing in the points game and keeps tabs on my accounts (p.s. if you haven’t checked out Awardwallet, I highly suggest you do!). I dunno, I like numbers, sue me.

In any case, this is the long-winded introduction to reporting back on how many points Nick and I were able to earn in the first quarter of 2016. So far this year, we’ve earned a collective 187,156 points, from three credit card bonuses, organic spend, and shopping portals. How does that break down?

  • American Express:
  • Amtrak:
    • Sam:  2,642 points
  • Chase:
    • Sam:  2,108 points ($21.08 cash back)
    • Nick:  952 points ($9.52 cash back)
  • Delta Air Lines:
    • Sam:  139 points
  • Hilton:
  • IHG:
  • Starwood:
    • Sam:  620 points
  • United Airlines:
    • Sam:  88 points

During this quarter, we redeemed the following points:

  • Chase
    • Sam:  -3,000 points for a $30 Whole Foods gift card

We’re off to a good start! Check back next quarter to see what we earned and burned!


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