Reminder – Register for Amtrak Double Days!

For my next installment in why everyone should love Amtrak, I present:  Double Days!

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 9.43.23 AM.png

Every few months, Amtrak runs a double miles promotion called Double Days. The premise is simple:  for every point you earn on an Amtrak trip during the promotion, you’ll automatically earn an additional point. All you need to do is register!

To do so, head over to Amtrak Guest Rewards and log into your account. Then, under the “My Promotions” tab, click “View All Promotions.” From there, you should be able to easily register for the Double Days promotion. You can also click the link in the Amtrak tweet below!

This promotion could potentially net you a significant number of points, especially if you have the Amtrak Guest Rewards Platinum card. Let’s say that between today and May 21st, you plan to take two roundtrips from New York to Boston. Right now, trips between the two cities are about $200 all in, or $400 for both your trips. Based on those two trips, you would earn:

  • 400 points for travel (1 point per dollar)
  • 400 bonus points (Double Days promotion)
  • 1,200 points (3 points per dollar for charging to your Amtrak Platinum)
  • TOTAL:  2,000 points

That 2,000 points is almost enough for a free oneway trip between New York and Boston! 


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