What Can You Do With 80,000 jetBlue Miles?

Last week, I was approved for the jetBlue Plus credit card by Barclaycard, which will earn me 30,000 points after I spend $1,000 in 90 days. Once I reach the minimum spend, I’ll have about ~82,000 points for travel on jetBlue.

The million dollar question is–what can you do with all these points? Below, I’ve laid out 5 examples of NYC-based redemptions, and the points required for them. 4 of the 5 will allow me to take Nick along with me, with points left over! So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in!

First up:  Portland, Maine for Columbus Day Weekend. New England in the fall is something to behold, even if you grew up there! Portland has a great downtown, and lots of day trips are only a short drive away. Right now, you can book this trip for 15,900 points + $11.20 per person (31,800 points + $22.40 total).


OK, maybe something warmer? jetBlue (and a few other airlines) have recently launched flights to Cuba. Why not head to Camagüey in February, when the temperature hovers around 74º. You’ll need to connect in Ft. Lauderdale both ways, but that’s a small price to pay for the deal you’ll be getting–28,900 points + $52.66 per person (57,800 points + $105.32 total). NOTE:  you still need to provide one of 12 approved reasons for travel when travelling to Cuba!

JFK-FLL-Cuba Feb

Another place Nick and I have always wanted to visit is New Orleans–lots of good food especially! A quick trip in March will set you back 17,800 points and $11.20 (35,600 points + $22.40 total).


Last, but not least, is San Francisco! Nick and I have been once before, and LOVED it! I can’t wait to get back, and jetBlue makes it easy to get there in either economy or first class. If we go in economy, it will set us back 30,400 points and $11.20 per person (60,800 points + $22.40 total).


On the other hand, I could always go by myself and fly first class both ways for 82,800 points + $11.20. Sorry, Nick! If you haven’t read up on jetBlue’s Mint product, I recommend that you do–it’s one of the best transcontinental products flying today!


So there you have it–5 different ways to spend jetBlue points if you live in the NYC area. I’ll let you know what we decide to use these points for; somehow I don’t think Nick will be too happy if I go on a vacation by myself :)! Happy travels!


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