Summer Vacation Recap

Yeah I know, I know:  LATE. Better late than, never I suppose! This was definitely a cash-based summer, womp womp.

First, we spent 5 days in Cape Cod with Nick’s family. We took the train to Providence, RI and then were picked up for the drive to the cape. We stayed in a VRBO (this one) and had a great time exploring and sitting on the beach.

Next, and after two long days at work, we hopped back on Amtrak to spend Labor Day with my family. We can practically do this trip (train to bus) in our sleep, we’ve done it so many times! On the way up, we took the Northeast Regional and on the way back we took the Acela–it was cheaper than the slow train!

Item Points Used Money Spend
2x Amtrak tickets, 8/26, NYP-PVD 5,571 ($153.00 value) $0.00
VRBO for 4 nights 0 $670.00 (our share)
2x Amtrak tickets, 8/30, PVD-NYP 0 $98.00
2x Amtrak tickets, 9/1, NYP-BOS  0  $76.00
2x Concord Coach roundtrip tickets, BOS-CON  0  $60.00
2x Amtrak tickets, 9/5, BOS-NYP  0  $207.00

Overall, we used 5,571 points and spent $1,111. Sticker shock–reminds me why I try to collect and use points for all our travels!

LOL, yeah right.

We did earn 868 Amtrak points for all this travel, which is something (a very small something). Good thing our upcoming vacations were, for the most part, booked with points!


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