Recap: September Travel

September was a relatively low-key travel month:  Nick and I went to visit my parents in New Hampshire, and I needed to make a last minute trip home at the end of the month. Nothing fancy or exotic (or cheap!).

Date Item Points Used (Cash Saved) Cash Used
9/1 2x Amtrak tickets, NYP-BOS $76.00
9/1 2x Concord Coach tickets, BOS-CON $30.00
9/5 2x Concord Coach tickets, CON-BOS $30.00
9/5 2x Amtrak Acela tickets, BOS-NYP $207.00
9/29 1x Amtrak ticket, NYP-BOS $125.00
9/29 1x Concord Coach ticket, BOS-CON $15.00
TOTAL $483.00

In sum, we used no points towards travel expenses (womp womp, we’ll need to try harder next time!), and spend $483 on five train tickets and five bus tickets. Average train ticket price? $81.60. Not terrible, but not great. The last minute trip at the end of the month definitely drove up the price, as the NYP-BOS-NYP trip can usually be done for under $100.


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