Double Points When You Shop Small with AMEX

Over the weekend, American Express announced their “Shop Small” promotion, and it’s pretty great, and applies to almost all cards in the American Express portfolio.

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 5.40.05 PM.png

By going to the offer landing page (here), it’ll ask you to register your personal card, and lets you know how many points you’ll earn with you shop small:

I’ve highlighted the card “families” I have cards from, but this also applies to the Blue Cash Everyday/Preferred, the Blue Sky, the Plenti card, and the Charles Schwab Investor card.

So great, you registered your card–yay! What next? You’ll want to head over to the AMEX Shop Small Map (link here), which shows places American Express codes as small businesses. You’d be surprised what shows up–my local pharmacy and one of our favorite Italian restaurants are on the map!

So go forth, and register for this great program; hopefully, you’ll get twice the points for buying things you already need, with the added bonus of helping out your local business community!


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