Recap: October Travel

October was a busy month of travel, starting off with an unexpected trip. Here’s a recap of how it all went down:

Date Item Points Used (Cash Saved) Cash Used
10/3 1x Concord Coach ticket, CON-BOS $15.00
10/3 1x Amtrak ticket, BOS-NYP $100.00
10/10 2x Amtrak tickets, UCA-NYP 4,129 Amtrak points ($113.40)
10/21 2x Amtrak tickets, NYP-BAL $98.00
10/21-10/23 2 nights – Hotel Indigo Baltimore 30,000 ($201.16) $198.00
10/23 2x Amtrak tickets, BAL-NYP $142.20
TOTAL 34,129 ($314.56) $553.20

In sum, we used 34,129 points to save $314.56 and spend $552.20 on 5 train tickets, 1 bus ticket, and 2 nights in a hotel. Average price per train ticket? $68.04.

We also made two trips:  one to Hamilton for Fallcoming and one to Baltimore for Nick’s overdue birthday trip.

The last minute trip in the beginning of the month definitely drove up the price, as the NYP-BOS-NYP trip can usually be done for under $100. Now on to November! We have only one trip planned (Orlando!!), but things can always change! Happy travels!


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