Saturday Round-Up 11/12

As a quick aside, it’s easy to say this has been a strange, sad week for many Americans. It was hard to blog about travel, a true luxury, when so many other issues seem infinitely more pressing, but the band plays on. If you were angry about the outcome of the election, use your skills and passions to create change in the world around you. Travel is a great way to educate ourselves about the world around us and to teach us empathy and understanding.

Here’s a recap of this week’s articles:

  1. Flashback:  Shopping Portals:  We all online shop. It’s a fact of living in the 21st century, so you might as well get more than just your purchases! As I’ve said before, shopping portals are a great way to earn extra miles on the things you already buy online. Continue reading.
  2. Which Card for…You!:  In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I expect my posting to slow down a bit, so for this post, I wanted to highlight the posts I’ve already done in the “Which Card…” series and make it clear that I’m always happy to provide a recommendation based on your situations. Continue reading.

From around the web:

  1. jetBlue introduced an AWESOME new paint scheme on one of their Airbus A320s. You’ll definitely want to see this! Read more here.
  2. Per Cranky Flier, Air France-KLM is embarking on another turnaround plan…he’s not so confident. Read more here.
  3. Two European airlines–WOW and Condor–launched flights to Pittsburgh, PA this past week. WOW will fly 4 times a week to Reykjavik and Condor will fly 2 times a week to Frankfurt.

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