Recap: November Travel

November was a whirlwind of a month! We had a staycation and hosted our families for Thanksgiving, which was hectic, but allowed us to spend the holiday as one family for the first time! We also finally made it to Harry Potter World, and pun intended, it was magical! Here’s a recap of our travel for November:

Date Item Points Used (Cash Saved) Cash Used
11/18 2x Delta tickets, LGA-MCO, economy 30,000 ($366.20)
11/18-11/20 Rental Car, Enterprise, Economy, Kia Rio or Similar $80.01
11/18-11/20 2 nights – DoubleTree Buena Vista, King Suite Free Room Voucher (up to $250) $112.50
11/19 2x Harry Potter World tickets + Universal Express $470.00
11/20 2x Delta tickets, MCO-LGA, economy 30,000 ($366.20)
TOTAL 60,000 ($732.40) + $250 in free lodging = $982.40 $662.51

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