Recap: 2016 Travel

Wowzer! It’s hard to believe we’ve made an entire rotation around the earth again (I mean, not really, but time flies when you’re having fun!). I wanted to end 2016 with a post on what we spent on travel during the year, and what we saved by using points.

Map of my flights for the year:  5 trips, and just under 11,000 miles. Map courtesy of

In 2016, we collectively traveled to:

Overall, we made 8 trips together, I made 8 solo trips, and Nick made 3 solo trips, for a grand total of 19 trips.

19 trips! That sounds expensive! And you’d be sort of right–we ended up spending ~$2,800 to take all of these trips. What’s amazing is the amount we saved:  almost $9,000, thanks in large part to the half million points we redeemed.


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