Our Next Trip: Amsterdam and London!

Our Next Trip: Amsterdam and London!

The number one reason I love the points and miles game is because it allows you to plan trips basically on a whim. Got points? Let’s travel! Because of that, Nick and I are headed back to Europe in March!

We had wanted to take a trip to Florida or the Caribbean in March for Nick’s spring break, but the last thing many of those places need is tourists sucking up valuable resources (if you can, donate to an organization supporting disaster relief), so we decided we’d head back to Europe for our week-long trip.

Here’s what we’re planning to do!

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Everyday Carry – Fall 2017

Everyday Carry – Fall 2017

When you’re in the points and miles game, at some point you’re going to have a lot of credit cards. A LOT. Beyond remembering to pay my bills, it can be tough remembering which cards to use at which locations. Even though I have over 20 cards, I rarely carry more than three or four–can you image the back pain from sitting on that wallet! In this post, I’m going to share the four cards I’ll be carrying around in my wallet, and my reasons why.

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2 Back to School Shopping Portal Offers – Up to 5,000 bonus points available!

We all online shop. A lot. It’s a fact of living in the 21st century, so you might as well get more than just your purchases! As I’ve said before, shopping portals are a great way to earn extra miles on the things you already buy online. From that previous post:

Shopping portals are a great way to earn extra points on things you’re already buying online, and most rewards programs have some sort of portal. If you have a rewards account, the chances are they also have a shopping portal.

Normally when you go to buy something online, you go directly to that website, pay for what you want, and earn miles at the base rate (the points you earn just by using your credit card). Shopping portals act like a sort of middle man, rewarding you with extra points for using them as an intermediary.

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What can you do with 30,000 Amtrak points?

Back in December, I completed my first mini app-o-rama, and was eventually approved for all three cards I applied for–including the Bank of America Amtrak Guest Rewards World. Well, those bonus points recently posted to my account, and I started to wonder, what could I do with those 30,000 Amtrak points? Here are some options, from the practical to the fantastic.


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